The Best Crystals to Enhance Sleep

The Best Crystals to Enhance Sleep

Crystals emit different energies based on composition, color, and their divine purpose. Some crystals are more conducive to a restorative sleep than others.
The best rules for crystals by the bed:
Keep it simple: work with one crystal at a time. This allows for its pure energy to work on your aura without competing influences. More is not better and could be disruptive to your energy field.
Keep it smooth: Shape should be taken into consideration. Spheres emit the gentlest soothing energy waves. Amorphous shapes are good too.
Keep it small: There is no need to have giant crystals by your bed. A small crystal on your nightstand, headboard or tucked in your pillowcase is just as effective as a large one.
*Pay attention to crystals that promote lucid dreams or dream recall. Some people find that their sleep gets disrupted more easily.

The following crystals are best for a good night’s sleep:
Agate: sooths and calms, brings stability to the physical body as it grounds it
Blue Lace Agate: cools and calms, allowing the mind to become peaceful, sooths and heals the throat
Amazonite: calms brainwaves, protects you from EMFs, clears negative energy from the nervous system
Amethyst: has tranquilizing properties, it will tune up your endocrine system as you sleep
Apophylite: very calming, will help bring you to a place of deep relaxation (avoid having Apophylite pyramids by the bed as they are strong energizers).
Aquamarine: helps an overactive mind wind down before falling asleep
Celestite: brings angels, peace and healing, calms emotions down.
Charoite: promotes deep sleep, excellent for insomnia
Jasper: nurturing and tranquil, it will help you remember your dreams
Kyanite: has a tranquilizing energy, *helps with remembering dreams
Lapis Lazuli: *helps with remembering dreams, promotes deep sleep
Moonstone: *helps with remembering dreams and being present in them, helps overcome insomnia.
Muscovite: helps overcome insomnia
Selenite: promotes calm and peace

The following Crystals are very energizing and are best kept out of the bedroom:
Calcite, Carnelian, Citrine, Diamonds, Herkimer Diamonds, Merlinite, Rutile Quartz, Ruby and Zincite.
Also avoid clusters as they put out too much energy in many directions. Make sure your crystals don’t point towards you. It is best to have gentle waves of influence as you sleep.
Good Night….

~ Ann